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Preface Before central air conditioning are used in hotels, office buildings and other places, equipped with central air-conditioning of high-grade office space is also a reference to the general area shared equally by heating to receive central air-conditioning charges, metering charges has not been so hot and cold cause companies to pay attention; 2000 effect on October 1 implementation of the "Energy conservation management provisions" clearly required "metering, variable rate charging." Until the past two years, the relevant state departments in the three northern districts heating metering and charging only stimulate domestic enterprises calorimeter R & D, production. With the recent economic development and improvement of living standards, large-scale central air conditioners into the homes of ordinary people, therefore, as a high-end consumer goods, measured at the central air-conditioning charge is indisputable fact that demand of domestic enterprises are also some of the relevant central air conditioning measured charge product development and production.

Domestic market, the central air conditioning cooling energy measurement products is generally divided into two schools: , the first law of thermodynamics (power = flow rate × temperature difference) is the theoretical basis of "heat meter" mode; , to ( Power = power × time) for the theoretical basis of "time accounting" model; In either mode can theoretically achieve the central air-conditioning metering, according to the amount charged, but users must pay attention in the choice of the following:

Legitimacy: 1, identification products, "type of measuring instruments of ratification", under "Measurement Act Rules" states: "Type of measuring instruments of ratification" is to determine the measurement of product applications (range) of the approved documents. Can not hold "water meter" and "type of measuring instruments of ratification" to measure gas consumption!

2, the identification provided by the manufacturer "manufacturing measuring instruments", the logo is permitted to manufacture its products, sales of the approved documents. According to "Measuring Law" and "Rules for the Implementation of measurement", not "manufacture measuring instruments" does not allow the measurement of product production, sales and use, so the use of such does not "manufacture measuring instruments" measurement products Measurement results will not be recognized, also do not "permit fees." Complex measuring instruments to obtain an overall "manufacturing measuring instruments": If the heat meter by a meter, Temperature Sensor And energy calculator of three parts, and the three components of heat meters are measuring instruments themselves, have their own separate operating time "manufacturing measuring instruments", this can not replace the calorimeter as a whole "measuring instruments manufacturing license card "; Similarly, the" time billing "model generally have the meter and meter reading systems (including repeaters, host and billing software), composed of two parts, both are considered part of the same measuring equipment, have their own separate undertakings "manufacturing measuring instruments", this does not replace the central air conditioning cost of "manufacturing measuring instruments"; that components do not necessarily qualified to produce qualified products! Therefore, the developer must open wide a pair of "eye", even those low-quality counterfeits turned away.

3, the identification provided by the manufacturer, "Measuring Instruments Inspection Report" of the content is measured by the national certification bodies of the measure and whether products pass the test of the content of the evaluation results.

  If these documents are incomplete, it is recommended not to use, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble

Reliability: Central air metering and charging is a new technology, involving many aspects of users. Provide the technology or equipment businesses vary greatly, it is inevitable some of the immature technology or equipment to sell to developers, results in the implementation of property management, resulting in inaccurate data, open the ineffective, useless and other issues, such as simple in some vendors fan coil thermostat to attach a "time" feature that it is the "time billing" system, in fact, there can be no such Mengren product "manufacturing measuring instruments," because it measures the time the switch opens, do not must be the running time of the central air-conditioning fan coil, fan coil central air conditioner is more than "effective" running time; also boasts some of the energy measurement accuracy, how much, in fact, living life as a central air-conditioning charges and in the proportion of living expenses small, building heat loss and the basic costs shared equally unbalanced error far greater than the measurement accuracy of its own, like a taxi meter instead of by use according to meters kilometers of toll charges, as the cost measurement accuracy and measurement object must match the social costs, the pursuit of high accuracy as configured mature technology, after all, compelling, and reliable measurement data is the key!

Practicality: With central air conditioning cost is bound to increase housing costs, these costs are ultimately borne by consumers. Even though some technical theory is very good, but expensive, or future use of the high costs or high maintenance costs, the application of these technologies should be more from the cost-effective, multi-bearing capacity from the consumer to consider, look at whether it is necessary. For those who don the banner of low to induce developers to hook the business, but should be aware of. And scalability for advanced lower costs, reduced investment is also very necessary to prevent duplication of investment and many investors. Electronic technology development results, involving almost Home The lives of all content, however, proceed from reality, central air-conditioning should be used measuring instruments are the most economical and most practical technology.

Special Reminder: Calorimeter metering and charging for the existence of standards for central air-conditioning bottleneck?? CJ128-2000 calorimeter standard is developed for heating measurement, measurement accuracy of the market as a "3" meter, the temperature range of 3-95 ; "2" meter, the temperature range of 2-95 , while the central air-conditioning standard temperature of 5 , even if the installation "2" accuracy of measurement of heat meters in the central air conditioning, 40% of the following error appears calorimeter is still the "qualified products", which is clearly stratified calorimeter measurement of 20 users, 13 are in use, can be expressed is not measured, but the technology sector identified in the table are still "qualified" reasons. Do not listen to some of the vacuum heat meter operational staff boast! Unless you can come up with standards higher than those based on the Heat Meter Heat Meter CJ128-2000 standards!

CFP series central air conditioning cost Description:

CFP series central air conditioning cost is a company engaged in the central air conditioning and application of metering and charging the fruits, the company is pioneering the "effective" accounting principle and the "time-billing" method of crystallization
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